Career Change

A new job can be a tremendous endeavor and it could make you want to throw up a little. That's ok. Even Donald Trump gets nervous on his first day on the job. READ ON →

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Time Waster

Excel spreadsheets seem to go on and on for eternity, especially those my former boss would ask me to do, but have you ever wondered if there was an actual end to those, seemingly incessant, alphanumeric boxes of blandness? Well, some dude decided to fetch that answer for us, and he did us all a damn service by doing so, I tell you what.


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Dog eat Dog

Happy freaking Father's Day to each and every Game of Thrones fanatic. The only way that the Battle of the Bastards could have had any more machismo would be to include cameos by Jean Claude van Damme and Steven Seagal. An epic fight scene, the rebirth of Sansa as a complete badass and (spoiler alert)... READ ON →

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Axl eats the Internet

Tearing down celebrities is one of the great American pastimes. We build you up to break you down. It was only a matter of time before the return of Axl Rose turned sour. The internet has devoured some of Axl's unflattering tour photos and the meme 'Fat Axl Rose' has been born. Paired with Guns n' Roses lyrics, these little nuggets are a good five minute binge, but not everyone is enjoying them. READ ON →

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Heading South

Do Kanye and Kim realize that children are not accessories? As if naming your child North West isn't bad enough, the hits just keep coming from Kanye West. Hits, as in reasons to despise him on every possible level. The latest on the TMZ feed of celebrity vile has Mr. West primed for a battle with The Pirate Bay over the illegal downloads of his latest album. It probably has nothing to do with his $53 million in debt. READ ON →

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B2TF Day

If you hadn't heard from one media outlet or another, it's Back the Future Day. It's a pretty big deal for all of us that saw the movie many years ago and couldn't believe how cool 2015 would really be. Are we living up to Hollywood's lofty expectations. Let's take a look and see.

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Misery loves company

The circle of sadness is nearly complete now that the owners of Ashley Madison are being sued for $578 million. Just how sad is the whole 'affair?' READ ON →

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Fair & Balanced

Tis the season for political logo dissection, and it wouldn't be fair of us to post the logo of one American royalty and not the other. The Hillary logo (notice Clinton and Bush don't use their last names, we want to appear as if we aren't running a monarchy) has been fraught with criticism for it's simplicity and color choices. Haters gonna hate, but when the logo designer works at Pentagram there is sure to be some solid reasoning behind the mark. READ ON →

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