‘merican Logos

From big brands to the little guys, there were plenty of logo overhauls in 2016. The most infamous of the group were uber American because part of living in the USA is wearing your patriotism on your sleeve. Other notable rebranding themes skipped the red, white and blue in favor of delightful gradients. Who had a makeover? Take a peak at the hot list

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The Greatest

This is what the greatest logos of the world look like in a mashup. Try to absorb it in all of its glory.

A collection of the world's highest regarded brand builders debate the best of the best in What's the Greatest Logo of All Time. Spoiler alert: Everyone in the discussion is too cool to pick a certain swooshy logo. Either that, or it was a prohibited choice because - c'mon!

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More to Mash

If you thought that the world had run out of things to mash up with Game of Thrones you are wrong. There are so many characters to to pull from int the GoT catalogue that they can apply to just about any situation. So why don't we journey down the rabbit hole of the NFL with our cast of the Thrones in tow.


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Fair & Balanced

Tis the season for political logo dissection, and it wouldn't be fair of us to post the logo of one American royalty and not the other. The Hillary logo (notice Clinton and Bush don't use their last names, we want to appear as if we aren't running a monarchy) has been fraught with criticism for it's simplicity and color choices. Haters gonna hate, but when the logo designer works at Pentagram there is sure to be some solid reasoning behind the mark. READ ON →

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Happy Accident

We're all familiar with the phrase, "Accidents will happen," and, in the case of the design of NIrvana's "Bleach" album, the "accident" that led to the final design was a good thing.


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Bringin’ it Back

What is the most successful design project on Kickstarter to date? A reissue, of course, but this one hits two target markets that will easily drop a pretty penny into a pet project.

The targets: Designers & New Yorkers 
The reissue: NYCTA Graphics Standards Manual


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Howdy ho!

I've never been a fan of emojis. I tend to disregard them as an annoyance much akin to the waving kitten emails I used to get from my mom back in the day. But, Hershey's should have paid attention to them before they launched their new logo that bears a striking resemblance to the steaming pile o' poo emoji.


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Dirty Bird

Sex appeal is a tactic that's been used in advertising since advertising's been around. Now, how tastefully or subtly sex appeal is used varies widely.


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The Rorschach Test

Everyone's a critic. When major brands unveil a new logo design all of the critics line up to air grievances. What do you have against this logo? READ ON →

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