Fuel the Fire

If you hadn't heard, Ramsay Bolton is the most hated man on television. Judging from the Game of Thrones series premiere, it looks like we are in for more terrifying grinds from the hated one so he will hang on to the title for at least another season. After Joffery's departure there was a void to fill in the dark side of HBO smash and Ramsay has been filling that void with some truly terrible acts. Thankfully, there are still shreds of hope surrounding the storyline than can only be summed up in meme form - READ ON →

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Heading South

Do Kanye and Kim realize that children are not accessories? As if naming your child North West isn't bad enough, the hits just keep coming from Kanye West. Hits, as in reasons to despise him on every possible level. The latest on the TMZ feed of celebrity vile has Mr. West primed for a battle with The Pirate Bay over the illegal downloads of his latest album. It probably has nothing to do with his $53 million in debt. READ ON →

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It’s time

Breakups aren't easy, but this relationship is broken. Roses are red, violets are blue. HTML4 is dead and so are you. #BREAKUPWITHIE8


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Cube Envy

Are you sitting in a monocolored cube staring at your computer screen while one halogen light flickers just enough to make you go all-out Office Space on the printer? It could be worse.


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