Time Waster

Excel spreadsheets seem to go on and on for eternity, especially those my former boss would ask me to do, but have you ever wondered if there was an actual end to those, seemingly incessant, alphanumeric boxes of blandness? Well, some dude decided to fetch that answer for us, and he did us all a damn service by doing so, I tell you what.


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Porn in the Morn

Once upon a time, our fair burgh of Madison had two fine establishments that offered "Smut N' Eggs", where you could enjoy your two eggs, toast, bacon, and coffee to the sights and sounds of some pasty, hairy, lumpy, John Holmes-era pornography. Well, thanks to Internet of Things tech, you can do the same thing at home ... easier than ever!


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It's time to smile. The Red Hot Chili Peppers take on Carpool Karaoke with James Corden. Hilarity, wrestling and sing alongs ensue. Does anyone know why was Will Ferrell in the back seat?


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Axl eats the Internet

Tearing down celebrities is one of the great American pastimes. We build you up to break you down. It was only a matter of time before the return of Axl Rose turned sour. The internet has devoured some of Axl's unflattering tour photos and the meme 'Fat Axl Rose' has been born. Paired with Guns n' Roses lyrics, these little nuggets are a good five minute binge, but not everyone is enjoying them. READ ON →

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Jesus is a Mac Guy

John Lennon once famously said that The Beatles were "more popular than Jesus". Well, now Apple might be able to say that, as well, after Jesus was arrested for loitering at an Apple Store in Philadelphia.


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More to Mash

If you thought that the world had run out of things to mash up with Game of Thrones you are wrong. There are so many characters to to pull from int the GoT catalogue that they can apply to just about any situation. So why don't we journey down the rabbit hole of the NFL with our cast of the Thrones in tow.


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Bill Murray burst onto the scene in 1976 as an "obnoxious guy who can appear charming" and steadily rose to national treasure level as one of the funniest dudes to ever walk the third rock from the sun.


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Good Work If You Can Get It

Common career advice is to find something that you love doing and do it. Unfortunately, I've never found a way to make a living off of getting shit-faced while listening to Johnny Cash records, so I'm skeptical of the practicality of this advice, but I do, actually, see it happen from time to time.


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