More to Mash

If you thought that the world had run out of things to mash up with Game of Thrones you are wrong. There are so many characters to to pull from int the GoT catalogue that they can apply to just about any situation. So why don't we journey down the rabbit hole of the NFL with our cast of the Thrones in tow.


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The Super Bowl Salvation

No one blames you for hating both of the teams in the Super Bowl this year. The Patriots are known for bending the rules as they see fit and the Seahawks blatantly use pass interference as defense. Make the best of this sour situation and engage in some friendly wagers or try to only pay attention to the commercials. Sure, the quality of advertising wavers from year to year but this one may get you just as fired up as I am for some of the brightest and best America has to offer. READ ON →

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But the commercials…

A very sad Tom Brady is going to skip the Super Bowl this year and not on his own accord. With a host of tears waiting to burst forth behind closed doors, Brady told the press that he would not watch the big game this year.

"I don’t have much of a rooting interest, truthfully. Those games are hard to watch.  READ ON →

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