Happy Trails

Half of all happy, white college students are enrolled in a design program. Ok, that's an alternative fact, but it's based in a bit of truth. The pleasant truth is that designers are... happy! But we already knew that, didn't we? READ ON →

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Crit Chat

The best feedback is inquisitive, not prescriptive.

Critiques aren't easy, unless you're versed in what makes them successful. It's a difficult task to focus entirely on the end user without personal bias. It takes restraint to move the discussion forward without getting caught up in sidebar discussions and taking off on a different tangent. Take a lesson from the pros at Facebook as they give an inside scoop on their process and it is evident that they are on top of their game.


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Way Down in the Hole

The Wire aired on HBO from 2002 to 2008, running 5 brilliant seasons, but few noticed at the time. The series largely flew under the radar until it was off the air and word of mouth made it a cult hit. Well, cult hit status demands tributes, for better or for worse, and a fan's new animated promo definitely fits the former.


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Cool and Collected

As we ring in the new year our eyes tend to focus on the future. It's easy to get caught up in the tide of negative news but the new year is a refreshing chance to start anew and focus on making a change for the better. Well Adidas and Parley have already started that process with a smart and savvy collaboration that is sure to make you feel good.


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Good Work If You Can Get It

Common career advice is to find something that you love doing and do it. Unfortunately, I've never found a way to make a living off of getting shit-faced while listening to Johnny Cash records, so I'm skeptical of the practicality of this advice, but I do, actually, see it happen from time to time.


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Font Cred

You are being tested. Which font are you most likely to believe? Which font is most likely to get you a big, fat click-thru? For starters, the behavioral research points as much hatred toward Comic Sans as the design community. Justification feels good.


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Time for Design

Informational design doesn't get enough credit. It takes a tremendous amount of skill to make facts, figures and data appear interesting. Explore Startups Timelines has created a small masterpiece of informational design but is more than just a pretty face. They offer the ability to explore the chronological timelines for major startups and dig up some tasty bits of information, such as... READ ON →

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Time for a new hobby

Several designers use their spare time to reimagine brands and marketing. Call it an exercise in creative fantasy where there are no guidelines to hold you back. Wikipedia redesigns are popular targets in the blog realm since the website is an eyesore for any web designer with chops. That said, if you are drawing gorilla penises as a part of a design concept it is time to get a new hobby.


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Web hatin’

There are many reasons why a website can go pear shaped. Websites demand a lot of attention from different departments within a company, each with a separate agenda. What do they say about 'Too many cooks?' Keep your website free from pitfalls with a bit of sound advice about user experience anger, and how to Stop it!  READ ON →

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