Bowie Predicting Power of Internet

In this BBC Newsnight interview from 1999 David Bowie talks to Jeremy Paxman about going to meet Tony Blair in stilettos, his alter egos - and makes some incredibly accurate predictions about the potential of the internet.


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Happy Trails

Half of all happy, white college students are enrolled in a design program. Ok, that's an alternative fact, but it's based in a bit of truth. The pleasant truth is that designers are... happy! But we already knew that, didn't we? READ ON →

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New News

Your news is changing. Not the real news - television and newspapers are still mired in the ways of the old guard - your Facebook news is going through an overhaul. In a nutshell, your feed is not going to be filtered by 'most popular' instead of by the most recent posts. The best feature is that Facebook is adding tools for you to sculpt your feed to your liking. Do you need the deets? I thought you would never ask.

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Must resist

It's so hard not to jump onto the Apple bandwagon as soon as their shiny new products roll of the line. Apple Music has been dangling that 30 day free trial in front of me whenever I hit the gym or want to set the mood around the house. I want to jump on board, but why should anyone take the plunge when you're already using Spotify? READ ON →

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Excellence in Giffetry

There are some forms of art that are looked down upon, such as the infamous animated gif. They were so outdated that they became cool and experimental. Suffice it to say that this animated gif by Helen Green as a tribute to David Bowie may be one of the best uses of the media and a fitting tribute to an icon. Watch closely enough and you'll even get a glimpse of the Goblin King. READ ON →

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The Elves have gone Digital

Remember 'Elf Yourself' - the delightful video of elves sporting masks of your friends and relatives dancing like backup dancers? It's still around, although much less popular last Christmas season as Office Depot bought it as a promotional gimmick. Well, there are plenty of holiday gimmicks to go around and Google has brought back a dandy of a website called Google Santa Tracker that will have the kids clicking for joy. READ ON →

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The Empire

We are fast approaching one of the most magical times of year - Christmas blockbuster season! Because nothing says Christmas like spending a few hours with the fam ogling some epic fight scenes. There is going to be a huge wad of box office cash for the new Star Wars movie because it's advertising is everywhere.


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Meet Jean Jullien

It seemed like minutes after the Paris attacks and the social media world was draped in the French flag. In the time that has passed a new symbol of solidarity has arisen and taken the world by storm. This simple mark has given strength to Peace for Paris and Wired discussed the design with the creator Jean Jullien.

Read the interview on Wired

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Radical Burn

What is the Burning Man Festival? Most who attend the festival have different answers and reasons for indulging in the extravagance in the desert. To those of us that haven't been, I would say it represents some of the best people watching in existence. The Burning Man website by Jamen Percy allows you to do a bit of people watching - from a distance - through his profile pics taken throughout the festival. It's a costume designer's gold mine.

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B2TF Day

If you hadn't heard from one media outlet or another, it's Back the Future Day. It's a pretty big deal for all of us that saw the movie many years ago and couldn't believe how cool 2015 would really be. Are we living up to Hollywood's lofty expectations. Let's take a look and see.

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