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The best feedback is inquisitive, not prescriptive.

Critiques aren't easy, unless you're versed in what makes them successful. It's a difficult task to focus entirely on the end user without personal bias. It takes restraint to move the discussion forward without getting caught up in sidebar discussions and taking off on a different tangent. Take a lesson from the pros at Facebook as they give an inside scoop on their process and it is evident that they are on top of their game.


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Iggy Pop, Creative Director

Iggy Pop has several titles: singer, musician, actor, poet, author, and most punk rock badass on the planet, but, given his appearance at the Cannes Lions festival, he could very well add "creative director" to that list.


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The Elves have gone Digital

Remember 'Elf Yourself' - the delightful video of elves sporting masks of your friends and relatives dancing like backup dancers? It's still around, although much less popular last Christmas season as Office Depot bought it as a promotional gimmick. Well, there are plenty of holiday gimmicks to go around and Google has brought back a dandy of a website called Google Santa Tracker that will have the kids clicking for joy. READ ON →

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Meet Jean Jullien

It seemed like minutes after the Paris attacks and the social media world was draped in the French flag. In the time that has passed a new symbol of solidarity has arisen and taken the world by storm. This simple mark has given strength to Peace for Paris and Wired discussed the design with the creator Jean Jullien.

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A Matter of Perspective

Street art trends toward cool more so than thoughtful (Banksy is the exception that proves the rule). There are heaps of graffiti artists that do an impressive job of plastering their names across walkways and trains in extraordinary fonts but they do little more than leave their personal mark. Set in the Street by Justin Bettman takes the discarded rubbish of society and creates caricatures of life in interactive street sets that go deeper into our imagination.  READ ON →

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Breaking the Mold

A business card is portable piece of information to physically represent you, your company and your brand. So why would you ever go to Vistaprint and select a template to do it yourself? I get it, you're on a budget and you don't want spend a lot on a 3x2 inch piece of paper. If you open yourself up to a bit of creativity, your business card can open doors.

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It's hard to imagine that any artists during the 50's and 60's WEREN'T on acid, but one unidentified artist scored some free LSD courtesy of ol' Uncle Sam.


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