New Recruits

Recruiting ads are historically boring because most companies are using the exact same formula. Diversity photo + headline claiming 'fun' + tired body copy from the HR department. READ ON →

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Good Ol’ Cantankerous Lou

Lou Reed was never known as an easy interview and was also never known to sugar coat anything. Both of these traits are beautifully on display in this clip from 1987.


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Best Tunes of 2014

Because I can't get enough of year end Top 10 lists, I feel the need to create my own each year, based on the jams that made my face melt, or had some other profound effect, during the course of the year.


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Colbert Signs Off

Some excellent, long-running shows have had lackluster endings. For instance, the final episode of Seinfeld still sticks in my craw a bit, but that's just me.


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Cobain Mixtape

Those of us who actually remember what a cassette tape looks like made several mixtapes back in the day. Some mixtapes were made to get you through a long drive, some were made to impress the ladies/dudes, and some were made to help you cope with the fact that the ladies/dudes weren't impressed.


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Iggy Sounds Off

Iggy Pop, or is it Dr. Pop, delivered a John Peel lecture on music and capitalism a couple of weeks ago, and it was as boss as the man himself.


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Pulp Fiction is Like Good Sex

I was a Tarantino fan back in '94, but not enough of a fan to believe his new flick, starring John Travolta, would be good. Travolta??!! Just a year earlier, the dude starred in Look Who's Talking Now!, the 3rd iteration of that horrible movie franchise, which also, unforgivably, foisted the whole unfunny talking baby schtick on us.


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The Missing Scarf

It's Friday and there's a good reason to celebrate: the continuum of life. You won't take my word for it? How about a little insight from an award winning short film? I promise it's better than the cat videos you've been watching.


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Pantone, the Beer Refreshing

My favorite beer style is 604 C, but I've been known to knock back a 123 C or two on a hot summer day. In the winter, few beers beat a tasty 4975 C or a 426 C, if you really want to get shnockered.


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Warhol Bathroom

We all have to start somewhere, right? For instance, I started out slinging shrubs in the outdoor lawn and garden department at my local ShopKo. More fun I haven't had, believe you me.


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