Unhappy ;)

Servers are very grumpy creatures. One little hiccup and they throw all kinds of fits. On February 28th there were plenty of unhappy websites with one common thread - Amazon Web Services. Was it a cyber attack? Should I panic now?

Nope. Just a typo in the code. Everyone makes mistakes and one little ";" can really ruin your day.

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Beat Machine

Strange and addictive. That's the best description that comes to mind in describing Type Drummer, a website that translates words into rhythms. It's simplicity inspires experimentation and is highly recommended for adding a bit of creativity into your afternoon. Shouldn't everyone know what their name sounds like pumping through a drum machine?

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The Deep Webbys

Take a walk on the dark side of the web with Hannibal Burress. NSFW language and NSA surveillance are peppered throughout the video so please watch with caution.


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It’s time

Breakups aren't easy, but this relationship is broken. Roses are red, violets are blue. HTML4 is dead and so are you. #BREAKUPWITHIE8


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