Bowie Predicting Power of Internet

In this BBC Newsnight interview from 1999 David Bowie talks to Jeremy Paxman about going to meet Tony Blair in stilettos, his alter egos - and makes some incredibly accurate predictions about the potential of the internet.


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Failure to Launch

What's the most important aspect of a successful album? The album launch gimmicks, of course! With more musicians relying on the release party to build hype for new albums we're going to continue to see many different strategies to create buzz. If the White Lies fans have a strong cross section of retro gaming nerds/programmers then their new album hijinks are spot on. Maze your way through the details of the new White Lies.

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Gotta get that money

Gathering funding is a monumental chore. Even if you believe your pitch deck is bulletproof that doesn't mean your potential investors see the same thing. Take some inspiration from the big dogs and check out the pitch decks from real startups and see how they got the funding train rolling. Even the gravy train has a few bumps in the road - read a few of the Airbnb rejection letters - because nobody is perfect.

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Few of the digital super companies are as fun to watch as the shenanigans surrounding Yahoo's executives and their quest for a better business model. The latest proposal includes massive layoffs, axing perks and giving Marissa Mayer the boot. The proposal also includes the best basketball analogy of all time. READ ON →

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Get it in Gear

Everyone wants to work less, play more and get rich along the way. In which case, everyone should take lessons on getting the most from their work life from the best in their field. The other details of life are more likely to fall in place. So what advice do the best designers in the world to offer to keep the gears grinding at full speed? Glad you asked. READ ON →

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The Deep Webbys

Take a walk on the dark side of the web with Hannibal Burress. NSFW language and NSA surveillance are peppered throughout the video so please watch with caution.


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Pirate Radio

Aloe Blacc is fighting the good fight. He is tired of getting paid peanuts for hit songs on streaming services and he is taking his message to the media. I think everyone is in agreement with him that the rate of pay for songwriters is terribly low but he is going to need a hell of a lot manpower and lawyers to do anything about it. READ ON →

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Don’t Call it a Comeback

Ron Lindenbusch's story is an American tale of entrepreneurship and working your way up from the bottom, but his tale is a bit more doobie-ous. He isn't going to grace the cover of Inc. magazine but his is a tale worth hearing and his beer is worth drinking. READ ON →

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Bringin’ it Back

What is the most successful design project on Kickstarter to date? A reissue, of course, but this one hits two target markets that will easily drop a pretty penny into a pet project.

The targets: Designers & New Yorkers 
The reissue: NYCTA Graphics Standards Manual


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