Pantone, the Beer Refreshing

My favorite beer style is 604 C, but I've been known to knock back a 123 C or two on a hot summer day. In the winter, few beers beat a tasty 4975 C or a 426 C, if you really want to get shnockered.


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3 Day Weekends

Ahhhh, three day weekends are good for the soul. Now, what to do with all of that time on your hands? I think we may have 99 answers to that question.


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Nice cans

For many years, canned beer was dismissed by beer geeks as solely reserved for cheap yellow "beer" like PBR, Hamm's, Blatz and other barley pops of that ilk.


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Atta Boy!

It's hard to land a job as a designer fresh out of the school box. Brennan Gleason made an immediate impression with his Resum-ale, a blonde ale with his resume and portfolio neatly displayed across the packaging. Brennan landed a job as a creative director shortly thereafter. Let this be a lesson to all the pixel pushers out there with aspirations - beer will get you ahead.

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Craft or Crap?

Passing judgement on celebrities feels oh, so good. The same goes for beer snobbery, and when the two meet - the blogs light up. What beer does Brad Pitt drink? Better yet, what kind of beer would he pawn off on Matthew McConaughey?

Why don't you find out?

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Getting Inspired

If we've learned anything from the latest Leonardo DiCaprio movies it's that wealthy, successful, leading men party down. Could it be that the inebriated version of yourself has more passion and dreams? Apparently that is the case.


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Gifts Galore

The shopping onslaught has ended, you can kick back with a holiday spice lager and start enjoying the spoils of the holiday season. If your stocking looks anything like mine you also have a tidy sum of itunes gift cards and there's no time like the present (oh, that was a pun) to start digging up a new favorite album.


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