Sell Outs

Are you sad because your favorite craft beer's company was recently purchased by a giant beer conglomerate? Yeah, join the club. After the groundswell of craft breweries in recent years there has been a follow up of the Big Beer companies picking them off one by one. It's as undeniable as climate change: craft beer is selling out. Apparently, if you care about it then you're probably white.

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Too Much of a Good Thing

I like ice cream. I like chocolate chip cookie dough. I REALLY like beer, and I like New Belgium beer (most of it), but Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough beer makes me ask, "What the deuce?".


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Works Every Time

Water shortage? That's old news. Pabst is doing its level best to correct another national issue ... the dreaded Billy Dee shortage. That's right, PBR has launched a new Billy Dee Williams ad for Colt 45 malt liquor.


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Don’t Call it a Comeback

Ron Lindenbusch's story is an American tale of entrepreneurship and working your way up from the bottom, but his tale is a bit more doobie-ous. He isn't going to grace the cover of Inc. magazine but his is a tale worth hearing and his beer is worth drinking. READ ON →

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Tastes Like Tinkle

Beers like Blatz, Hamm's, Black Label, Schlitz, Old Style, Pabst, Rhinelander, Meister Brau, and others of that ilk have, one time or another, been dismissed by those with, clearly, more sophisticated palates, as "piss water".


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Creative Juices

"Science recently confirmed what we previously had only suspected—that alcohol, in the right amount, does tend to produce the most creative thinking."

You can't trust everything you read on the internet but we're taking this one to the bank, regardless. A blood alcohol content of 0.075 should get you thinking outside of the box.

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Cold Remedy

Is it really winter again!? Cripes, how many years are we going to have to put up with this freaking season before global warming melts it away? (Incoherent grumblings about the weather)


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