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Your news is changing. Not the real news - television and newspapers are still mired in the ways of the old guard - your Facebook news is going through an overhaul. In a nutshell, your feed is not going to be filtered by 'most popular' instead of by the most recent posts. The best feature is that Facebook is adding tools for you to sculpt your feed to your liking. Do you need the deets? I thought you would never ask.

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Font Cred

You are being tested. Which font are you most likely to believe? Which font is most likely to get you a big, fat click-thru? For starters, the behavioral research points as much hatred toward Comic Sans as the design community. Justification feels good.


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Most of us office workers don't take the time to infuse healthy habits into our daily sitting routine. As you probably guessed, there are apps for that.


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Zombies got you

There are a lot of fitness apps in the tech world that will help you get up off the couch. Most of them have poorly designed interfaces and lack any real motivators to get you moving. Enter the zombies.


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