Failure to Launch

What's the most important aspect of a successful album? The album launch gimmicks, of course! With more musicians relying on the release party to build hype for new albums we're going to continue to see many different strategies to create buzz. If the White Lies fans have a strong cross section of retro gaming nerds/programmers then their new album hijinks are spot on. Maze your way through the details of the new White Lies.

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Animated NYC

Once upon a time, the great Steve Earle wrote that he was going to New York City, because "there must be something happening there, it's just too big a town." Well, during animator James Curran's 30-day residency in the Big Apple, he discovered just what happens in that big town and interpreted each experience into 30 cool GIFs.


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Way Down in the Hole

The Wire aired on HBO from 2002 to 2008, running 5 brilliant seasons, but few noticed at the time. The series largely flew under the radar until it was off the air and word of mouth made it a cult hit. Well, cult hit status demands tributes, for better or for worse, and a fan's new animated promo definitely fits the former.


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