The Ugly Truth

Good advertising gets copied over and over again. How many businesses have mimicked 'Got Milk?' in ways that don't even make sense? The answer is far, far too many. Apple is regularly being copied for their edgy ads but they also have a target on their back. Case and point: Also Shot on iPhone 6.

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Polar Bare

Sometimes it's truly difficult to pinpoint what will make a brand take off. For instance, folks all over tarnation, well, maybe not in warmer climes, are suddenly sporting expensive Canada Goose coats, which, until now, were a blip in the overall outerwear market. So, what gives?


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New Recruits

Recruiting ads are historically boring because most companies are using the exact same formula. Diversity photo + headline claiming 'fun' + tired body copy from the HR department. READ ON →

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The Super Bowl Salvation

No one blames you for hating both of the teams in the Super Bowl this year. The Patriots are known for bending the rules as they see fit and the Seahawks blatantly use pass interference as defense. Make the best of this sour situation and engage in some friendly wagers or try to only pay attention to the commercials. Sure, the quality of advertising wavers from year to year but this one may get you just as fired up as I am for some of the brightest and best America has to offer. READ ON →

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Another year passes and we all pause to reflect on the year that has been and where we're headed in 2015. Prediction: 2015 will be the best year of our lives! Let's take a minute to dig into the treasure trove of past advertising and know for a fact that we can only go up from here.


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Dirty Bird

Sex appeal is a tactic that's been used in advertising since advertising's been around. Now, how tastefully or subtly sex appeal is used varies widely.


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KISS the cash cow

Some have questioned the recent inclusion of KISS in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The question that, inevitably, gets asked is, "is KISS more about the music or the image?


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Advertising Freshness

I definitely can't count myself among the most devoted of the Arby's clientele. In fact, my last encounter with the chain was as a young, broke college lad who was lured to the glowing Big Hat by its offer of 2 succulent Beef n' Cheddars for just $2. Let's just say that meal ended poorly.


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$654,000 A Day

How do you make $654,000 a day? Create an addictive gaming app that's free to play but offers in-app purchases. That's how you can afford to buy a Super Bowl commercial. A Super Bowl commercial! Farmville is so jealous. READ ON →

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