Beastie Boys on being stupid

In this lost 1985 interview, the "three bad brothers," Ad-Rock, MCA (RIP), and Mike D discuss opening for Madonna, how they once got arrested for dropping a "motherf%$ker" on stage, why they were the only white rappers on vinyl, and deciding to name themselves Beastie Boys, because it was the "stupidest" name MCA could think of.

Stupid name or not, it's clear from this brief interview that the Beasties were ahead of their time. They broke the mold of who a rapper is supposed to be, referring to those who call them suburban rappers as "ignorant morons."

This was just the beginning for these gents. They went on to rail against "sucka" music with their own brand of "soul, hardcore, B-Boy music" up until the sad passing of MCA last year.

This video is a continuation of PBS' excellent web series, Blank on Blank

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