Album Art

I'm one of those old school dudes who still likes to take up copious amounts of space in my house with vinyl albums and CDs.

A primary reason for this, despite my pack rat tendencies, is I'm a sucker for album art and packaging. It's just not the same looking at the artwork on my computer screen, versus holding it in my hands.

English OceansSo, Mashable has continued my album artwork nerdity by identifying 15 "visually stunning" album covers from 2014.

Pretty decent list, but they're missing my clear favorite, Drive-By Truckers' English Oceans (right). Hell, nobody's perfect, eh?

As a bonus, after you peruse the covers, feel free to take a gander at a visually stunning video for Algiers by The Afghan Whigs, which just so happens to appear on Do To the Beast, which just so happens to be #1 on Mashable's list.


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