Ahead of the #Curvy

Since its launch, Instagram has tried to maintain a somewhat squeaky clean image. They don't allow sexually explicit images and complete nudity is forbidden, which has led them to wage a war, of sorts, on various hashtags they believe ne'er do wells may use to skirt the system.

Not a surprising tactic, but what is surprising is some of the hashtags they've decided to ban. #Curvy, for example. This is an interesting one, given the fact that, as this article points out, they seem to be cool with #vaginas, #clitoris, #dildo, and #bitch. They're even ok with the use of #curvygirl and #curvywoman!

So, what gives? I'm not entirely sure, but I fear this development may deprive Instagram users the pleasures of viewing images of San Francisco's Lombard Streetinteresting squashes or George Costanza. Now, that would be devastating.

UPDATE: Instagram has changed it's tune. They're bringing #curvy back. You mofos watch how I attack [that hashtag].


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