About Us

Frothy expressions, observations & interpretations

Sublime SoapboxThe Makin’ Hey! crew is used to thinking outside of the box, but now, we’re hopping on it!

Welcome to Sublime Soapbox … a virtual smorgasbord of musings on the latest, what the kids call, “haps” in the world of the Interwebs, design, and technology.

Although we typically make Hey! while the sun shines, we also embrace the moonlight, so you’ll also be privy to our ruminations about nightlife, including food, drink, music, and whatever else strikes our fancy.

So, join us on the Soapbox, won’t you?

About Makin’ Hey!
Modest in size, but mammoth in creative talent, there’s not much Makin’ Hey! Communications can’t handle. From strategic planning and brand identity to web design and development. From print and packaging design to social media strategy and management, we’ll make your project or organization a splash of color in a sea of black and white and the spicy among the bland.

We encourage coloring outside the lines and believe that great ideas always start with a full glass.

So, if you’re looking to make some noise amid the quiet, let Makin’ Hey! Communications be your megaphone!

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