A One Day Affair

The 2013 Lollapalooza lineup was finally announced and it's a beautiful hodgepodge of hit or miss. Not unlike Coachella, it appears at first glance that the big festival promoters have realized that when 3-day tickets are sold out before the full lineup is released that they have a cash cow and can mail it in a bit. Festivals are a great way to see a year's worth of music in a 3 day binge but stacking one headliner per day and filling out a majority of time slots with mediocre and aged music groups will make you into Summerfest.

Hating aside, there are a few really great bands playing this year: Queens of the Stone Age, NIN, Vampire Weekend, Kendrick Lamar, indie band, indie band, indie band. Like most cheap asses, I believe it's really worth the wait to pick one day with a solid lineup from head to toe with a quality mix of established and up-and-coming musicians to get the most band for your buck. Plus it ain't cheap to stay in Chicago and riding the train with a bunch of hipsters debating whether or not Lana Del Ray is really a bitch or not will get old fast. Or maybe I'm just old. Or both.

Check out the full lineup and see for yourself.

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