A Matter of Perspective

Street art trends toward cool more so than thoughtful (Banksy is the exception that proves the rule). There are heaps of graffiti artists that do an impressive job of plastering their names across walkways and trains in extraordinary fonts but they do little more than leave their personal mark. Set in the Street by Justin Bettman takes the discarded rubbish of society and creates caricatures of life in interactive street sets that go deeper into our imagination. 

Bettman also encourages passers by to engage in the sets and post their own photos to social media using the tag #setinthestreet. Take a trip through his wonderfully interactive website and if it piques your curiosity enough you can stroll through the social media photos to see how people on the street join in on the curious scenes.

Any artist who does an active job of inviting strangers into the artistic experience deserves a kudos. Hats off to Bettman for taking street art to the next level.

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