Omar Comin’ …

In its first brand campaign in a decade, The Atlantic decided to make an impact through an ad, featuring an excellent actor, Michael K. Williams, who played The Wire's Omar Little, one of the most complex, badass characters ever. And, you best believe Omar makes an appearance. "Spread the word, darlin'. Omar back."


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I Need John Malkovich

Hooray, advertising! All of the big brands are busting budgets for the Super Bowl so you had better enjoy them. Not because they are good necessarily, but because you will see them on repeat for the next three months. Sorry, they can only afford one celebrity cameo appearance per quarter. One ad that we hope to see on repeat - Mr. Malkovich. READ ON →

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Career Change

A new job can be a tremendous endeavor and it could make you want to throw up a little. That's ok. Even Donald Trump gets nervous on his first day on the job. READ ON →

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‘merican Logos

From big brands to the little guys, there were plenty of logo overhauls in 2016. The most infamous of the group were uber American because part of living in the USA is wearing your patriotism on your sleeve. Other notable rebranding themes skipped the red, white and blue in favor of delightful gradients. Who had a makeover? Take a peak at the hot list

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Time Waster

Excel spreadsheets seem to go on and on for eternity, especially those my former boss would ask me to do, but have you ever wondered if there was an actual end to those, seemingly incessant, alphanumeric boxes of blandness? Well, some dude decided to fetch that answer for us, and he did us all a damn service by doing so, I tell you what.


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Best Jams of 2016

Because I can't get enough of the constant barrage of year end Top 10 lists, I feel the need to add to the endless parade by creating my own each year, based on the jams that made my face melt, made me forget about Trump, or had some other profound effect, during the course of the year.


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Fanboy Homage

Disclaimer: This video will make Apple Fanboys cry. Apple homepage designs from the last twenty years with touching background music that could make the Genius bar weep in fond remembrance.

It is amazing to see the change in web design over the course of time. Since Apple has been a leader in design it is typically ahead of the curve on trends and this homage does a great job of showing how the design elements progressed over time. We've come a long way, baby. READ ON →

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Crit Chat

The best feedback is inquisitive, not prescriptive.

Critiques aren't easy, unless you're versed in what makes them successful. It's a difficult task to focus entirely on the end user without personal bias. It takes restraint to move the discussion forward without getting caught up in sidebar discussions and taking off on a different tangent. Take a lesson from the pros at Facebook as they give an inside scoop on their process and it is evident that they are on top of their game.


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Porn in the Morn

Once upon a time, our fair burgh of Madison had two fine establishments that offered "Smut N' Eggs", where you could enjoy your two eggs, toast, bacon, and coffee to the sights and sounds of some pasty, hairy, lumpy, John Holmes-era pornography. Well, thanks to Internet of Things tech, you can do the same thing at home ... easier than ever!


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