Gotta get that money

Gathering funding is a monumental chore. Even if you believe your pitch deck is bulletproof that doesn't mean your potential investors see the same thing. Take some inspiration from the big dogs and check out the pitch decks from real startups and see how they got the funding train rolling. Even the gravy train has a few bumps in the road - read a few of the Airbnb rejection letters - because nobody is perfect.

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Iggy Pop, Creative Director

Iggy Pop has several titles: singer, musician, actor, poet, author, and most punk rock badass on the planet, but, given his appearance at the Cannes Lions festival, he could very well add "creative director" to that list.


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Too Much of a Good Thing

I like ice cream. I like chocolate chip cookie dough. I REALLY like beer, and I like New Belgium beer (most of it), but Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough beer makes me ask, "What the deuce?".


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Dog eat Dog

Happy freaking Father's Day to each and every Game of Thrones fanatic. The only way that the Battle of the Bastards could have had any more machismo would be to include cameos by Jean Claude van Damme and Steven Seagal. An epic fight scene, the rebirth of Sansa as a complete badass and (spoiler alert)... READ ON →

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It's time to smile. The Red Hot Chili Peppers take on Carpool Karaoke with James Corden. Hilarity, wrestling and sing alongs ensue. Does anyone know why was Will Ferrell in the back seat?


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Axl eats the Internet

Tearing down celebrities is one of the great American pastimes. We build you up to break you down. It was only a matter of time before the return of Axl Rose turned sour. The internet has devoured some of Axl's unflattering tour photos and the meme 'Fat Axl Rose' has been born. Paired with Guns n' Roses lyrics, these little nuggets are a good five minute binge, but not everyone is enjoying them. READ ON →

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We’re Evolving

Human beings are fickle by nature. Fads come and go, musical taste changes, Madonna sports a new hair color and then the remix is born. The great thing about tracking human nature's seemingly incoherent musical taste is that you can get a feel for where we've been and where we are going as a culture. Want to take a tour of our musical evolution over the last twenty years? Surf the peaks and valleys of popular music through How Music Evolved, and if you really want to go down the rabbit hole there is a hotbed of statistics to absorb.

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Fuel the Fire

If you hadn't heard, Ramsay Bolton is the most hated man on television. Judging from the Game of Thrones series premiere, it looks like we are in for more terrifying grinds from the hated one so he will hang on to the title for at least another season. After Joffery's departure there was a void to fill in the dark side of HBO smash and Ramsay has been filling that void with some truly terrible acts. Thankfully, there are still shreds of hope surrounding the storyline than can only be summed up in meme form - READ ON →

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